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Balance of the work for 9 months of 2017

The Chairman of the Board of JSC "Almalyk MMC" – Farmanov Alexander Kasymovich.

Fulfilling the key priorities of the program of socio-economic development the staff of JSC "Almalyk MMC" for the 9 months of 2017 provided the commercial output:

- in current prices – 100,9 %,

- in comparable prices – 101,1 %.

The rate of growth of commercial output in comparable prices to the corresponding period in 2016 amounted to 103.8 %.

The copper ore was extracted 100,8 % to the assigned task, the release of copper products amounted to 102.8 %, including that from own raw materials 100,0 %, metal zinc - 118.4 %, including that from own raw materials - 102.0%, sulfuric acid - 112.8 %, trioxide molybdenum - 114,0 %, trioxide tungsten - 111.4 percent, refined gold - 100.1 % and refined silver - 100.3 %.

Copper raw material was treated - 100.4 % of the assigned target, the growth rate is 103.3 %.

For the first 9 months of 2017 the products were sold for export - 100.5 %, including LLD products (molybdenum in the form of sintered briquettes and trioxide molybdenum). New products were exported: ZAC alloy (zinc - 95%, aluminum - 4 %, copper - 1%) and Portland cement.

Through stock trading of JSC "UzRTSB" for 9 months of 2017, the company sold copper products, metal zinc, zinc powder, Portland cement and alloy.

In order to saturate the domestic market, the plant produced consumer goods 186,9 % of the target, the growth rate made up 100 %.

According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan , No. PP-2697 dated 23.12.2016 JSC "Almalyk MMC" is implementing 18 projects with a total capital investments of 812,8 billion soums.

The development for the first 9 months of 2017 was 455,9 billion soums or 103,1 % to the forecast.

Disbursement was made as follows:

(mln. UZS)

Name Prognosis Actually % of fulfilled
1  Construction of the underground mine in "Simarchuk" site on the basis of the operating field "Kyzyl Alma" 15 853,6 18 667,6 117,7
2  Construction of cement plant in Sherabad district of Surkhandarya region 179 224,4 184 038,4 102,7
 Organization of production of door locks and hinges on the territory of Syrdarya branch of the free economic zone "Djizak" 1 706,2 1 788,0 104,8
 Development of “Dalnee” field, Tashkent region 207 697,0 214 031,0 103,0
 Organization of zinc oxide (zinc white) production in Tashkent region 6 042,9 4 761,4 78,8
 6    xpansion of production capacity for the extraction and processing of raw materials (Kalmakyr, Sary-Cheku, OPJT, UAT,MOF) 355,5 355,5 100,0
7  Organization of production of handles for faucets on the territory of Syrdarya branch of the free economic zone "Djizak" 0,0    
8  Organization of production of brassy fittings on the territory of Syrdarya branch of the free economic zone «Djizak» 284,4 394,4 138,7
9  Organization of production faucets with zink body on the territory of Syrdarya branch of the free economic zone «Djizak» 0,0    
10  Construction of lead plant 213,3 427,7 200,5
11  Organization of production of finished products of rare metals (tungsten carbide products, drilling insert bits, etc.) Chirchik city 639,8 784,8 122,7
12  Creation of scientific-production complex on processing of rare earth metals UzKTJM 0,0     
13   Organization of production of 70 units of assemblies for the production of coal briquettes (Almalyk city)  2 132,8  2 277,2 106,8 
14  Technical re-equipment of compressor station on the copper plant 35,5 135,5 381,2
15  Reconstruction of the site for filtration and drying of copper and gold-containing concentrates in Tashkent region 8 353,4 8 107,8 97,1
16  Expansion of production of high temperature ceramic products, Chirchik city. 391,0 615,7 157,5
17  Reconstruction and re-equipment of hydrometallurgical plant for the production of molybdenum salts from molybdenum concentrate in Tashkent region. 213,3 214,4 100,5
18  Acquisition of equipment instead of the worn-out equipment 19 195,0 19 331,7 100,7


442 338,2 455 931,0 103,1

According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-2698 dated 26.12.2016 "On measures for further implementation of perspective projects of localization of production of finished goods, components and materials for 2017-2019", JSC "Almalyk MMC" is implementing 29 projects totaling 17.6 billion soums.

For the 9 months of 2017 the localized products were produced for the amount of 15.0 billion soums or of 120.7 % of the forecast one.

According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-2298 dated от 11.02.2015 “On the program of localization of production of ready products, components and materials for 2015-2019" the implementation of target parameters of reduction of import is provided due to the localization of production and expansion of inter-sector industrial cooperation for 2017 for the amount of 22.6 mln. USD.

For the 9 months follow-up was 17.9 million USD or 101.7 % of the forecast one.

JSC "Almalyk MMC" at the International industrial fair and Cooperation stock exchange signed 172 agreements for the supply of spare parts and components for a total amount of 227,9 billion soums.

For the 9 months the components and spare parts were purchased for the amount of 171,2 billion soums or 100,1 % to the forecast. By the import the goods and material values for 60.8 million USD were purchased.

The complex of organizational and technical measures was developed to reduce the cost of production for 2017, providing the reduction of production costs by 6.8 %.

The expected result from the implementation of measures on the reduction of cost of production for the 9 months amounted to 6.8 % versus 6.7% for the assignment.

According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-2692 dated 22.12.2016 "On additional measures for the accelerated modernization of worn and obsolete equipment and reduction of production costs of industry enterprises" in 2017 144 units of technological equipment should be replaced. For the first 9 months of 2017 111 units of equipment were replaced for the amount of 7.1 million USD.

The plant took measures to improve the management, strengthen economic and financial situation and implementation of monitoring to reduce accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Expected receivables as at 01.10.2017 is 176.8 billion soums, without the formation of arrears, accounts payable – 217,0 billion soums, including arrears of 4.0 billion soums.

There are no debts to the budget and on the salary.

JSC "Almalyk MMC" developed and approved measures to reduce the fuel and energy resources for 2017, due to which the expected savings of fuel and energy resources for 9 months of 2017 were:

- electricity – 106,0 million kW/h;

- fuel – 31.1 million m3.

Saving of fuel and energy resources amounted to the total amount of 28.5 billion soums.

In order to improve the system of corporate management in JSC "Almalyk MMC" in accordance with the issued decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017:

In order to comply with the recommendations and the Corporate Management Code approved at the meeting of the Commission on the increase of efficiency of activity of joint-stock companies and improvement of the corporate management system No. 9 dated 31.12.2015, JSC "Almalyk MMC" conducted a tender procedure for the evaluation of the corporate management system following the results of 2016. The announcement was placed in the mass media (in the publication of Business Daily Exchange No. 32(2203) dated 21.03.2017, in the Integrated portal for corporate information www.openinfo.uz, the official website of the Stock exchange "Toshkent" www.uzse.uz and JSC "Almalyk MMC" www.agmk.uz.).

Protocol decision of the Supervisory Board of JSC "Almalyk MMC" the decision was made on selecting the independent Audit organization “Konsaudit” LLC.

In May of this year the assessment was made. According to its results the corporate management system of JSC "Almalyk MMC" was recognized as having the high score on the questionnaire of evaluation of the corporate management system.

The results of the evaluation were discussed on 29 June, 2017 at the meeting of the Supervisory Board at the next regular General meeting of shareholders of JSC "Almalyk MMC" at the end of 2016.

Eight specialists of the relevant services have improved their knowledge and skills in training courses "Corporate management: principles, mechanisms and implementation" and "HR-management" organized by Scientific-educational center of corporate management.

In accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 512-f dated May 7, 2017 the candidacies of four specialists of JSC "Almalyk MMC" were presented as participants in training courses on modern methods of corporate management organized by the Scientific-educational center of corporate management and the European school of management and technology (Germany) with the possible completion of a practical internships in leading German companies, which have successfully implemented and widely applying best practices in the field of corporate management and modern management.

In accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No.207 dated 28.07.2015 "On the introduction of criteria for evaluation of efficiency of activity of joint-stock companies and other economic entities with a government stake" in accordance with the Resolution "On the application of key performance indicators of JSC "Almalyk MMC" approved by the Supervisory Board of JSC “Almalyk MMC” following the results of 2016 assessment was made under the criteria of efficiency of activity of the plant. Integral coefficient of efficiency (ICE) JSC "Almalyk MMC" following the results of the I half of 2017 amounted to 586,3 % (the efficiency of the Executive body activity is recognized high – if ICE value exceeds 100 percent).

According to the Program on the creation of new jobs for 2017 the creation of 252 new jobs was planned, including 150 jobs on the development of the industry and the 13 jobs under the investment program.

For the 9 months 214 new jobs were created, including 190 on the development of the industry and 12 jobs - under the investment program, as well as 3 jobs – on the development of cottage industry.

In accordance with the program for technical training of workers 3272 people were trained to improve the skills, 1054 passed re-training and mastering the second profession, 1326 people – improved qualification and the managers and specialists were retrained, including those with day release.

On a fee-contract basis 150 people are trained, in the graduate school SRTU of Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys" 14 people are trained in absentia. Costs of contracts amounted to 754,2 million soums.

JSC "Almalyk MMC" performed a complex of measures on cooperation with seven professional colleges assigned to the plant, on strengthening the cooperative ties for the organization of practical training of graduates. In accordance with the activities, the structural subdivisions of the plant provide sponsorship for equipping the workshops and laboratories.

For the 9 months in the subdivisions of the plant the work experience internship was passed by 2349 students of professional colleges, including work experience internship - 1078 students of the 2nd course and externship - 1271 students of the 3rd course.

For the 9 months 1212 College graduates and 491 Universities graduates were employed.

On the JSC "Almalyk MMC" the official web site was updated, the materials are published in 3 languages (Uzbek, Russian, English). According to the approved schedule of examination of official web-sites of state and economic management bodies, local state authorities, from 14 to 20 June the examination of official web site of JSC "Almalyk MMC" was conducted. According to the results of the examination 2 threats were identified (medium 1, low 1). The identified threats have been eliminated.

The Modernization of the existing Corporate information system of financial accounting is implemented. Interface for adjustment of initial information about the flow of funds has been developed for input and adjusting the initial balances of the Bank accounts and the interface for getting reports for accounting of money receipts of the JSC "Almalyk MMC".

The information system "Organization of cargo operations on railway tracks of JSC "Almalyk MMC"” has been developed and put into operation. The system is designed for operational management of loading and unloading operations on railway tracks of JSC "Almalyk MMC" and for analysis of the quality of the cargo operations.

78 people have been trained in the Minimum computer literacy in the field of ICT.

In the August a forum was organized on the ICT where the issues were discussed on the development of information technologies and information security at JSC "Almalyk MMC".

Work is underway to upgrade the existing wireless data network. Completion of works is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018. The modernization will increase the network bandwidth of data transmission between the remote units located in remote mountain areas up to 60 Mbps.

JSC "Almalyk MMC" has developed and approved 32 measures for the amount of 6.8 billion soums to implement the State program " Year of dialogue with the people and human interests " in five priority areas of development. For the 9 months 18 measures were implemented to 6.4 billion soums.

In order to meet the needs of plant workers and the saturation of the town market with meat and dairy and agricultural products for the 9 months the following was produced:

agricultural products – 1944,4 t;

meat products – 34,75 t;

dairy products – 1500,3 T.

To perform the forecast parameters of production of main types of food and agricultural products for 2017, as well as activities for creation of new farms the specialists held negotiations on the creation of joint enterprises on processing of fruit and vegetable products with the capacity of 5000 tons per year. Currently, the Protocol of intentions on creation of joint venture is being prepared.

Within the whole period the work was carried out to implement the system of reporting and control of documents execution in a timely manner, the study of the progress of the execution of Laws, acts of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Government decisions locally, according to the work plan of the plant, the protocols are drawn up with the execution of analytical statements.

In order to ensure timely execution of orders of higher authorities, improvement of executive discipline control system in the composition of the Executive Board of the JSC "Almalyk MMC" the service was created to monitor the implementation of instructions of the higher organizations (order No. 322 dated April 26, 2017) and the procedure was established for systematic and critical analysis of the Executive discipline status.

Regulations on the functional responsibilities of the Chairman of the Board, chief engineer and Board Deputies on the supervised areas of the Executive Board were developed and agreed by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Pursuant to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-2881 dated April 11, 2017 "On personal responsibility of State advisers of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, heads of the Cabinet of Ministers and its complexes, state and economic management bodies, as well as khokimiyats at all levels for the efficient and effective execution of acts and instructions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the strengthening of Executive discipline" and the Regulation on the procedure of taking measures of disciplinary sanctions to the officials of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of state and economic management bodies, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, khokimiyats of areas, cities and districts approved by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 264 dated May 10, 2017 the Regulations "On procedure of taking measures for disciplinary sanctions to officials of the JSC "Almalyk MMC".

Systematic work is conducted on the critical analysis of the execution of their solutions, identifying shortages and developing specific remedial measures.

To ensure the open dialogue with citizens, careful consideration and solution of complaints at the plant the Service for control and coordination of work with the appeals of individuals and legal entities has been created. Daily acceptance has been arranged.

For the 9 months 3037 applications were received, including 1077 written, 1272 oral, 664 – through virtual reception and 24 via the Single Interactive State Services Portal. According to 123 applications the measures were taken, 2698 – were explained, 93 applications are being examined and 121 were rejected.

The nature of applications - financial support, employment, treatment, utilities, reinstatement, transfer to other subdivisions of the plant, as well as transport problems, etc.

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