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Speeches and statements by management

In tune with the times

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Dear Almalyk citizens!

On these bright sunny days, when the whole country is preparing to celebrate a great event in the history of the country – the 30th anniversary of independence, our city is celebrating a glorious date. Almalyk city was founded 70 years ago, which is of great importance in the history and development of Uzbekistan, in the life and fate of our people. Therefore, first of all, I sincerely congratulate you on this significant date!

"Khandiza" - the dispensation of the time

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In 2021, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the acquisition of sovereignty by our country. The independence of Uzbekistan stimulated the powerful growth of its own industry, primarily aimed at localization and import substitution, and soon at the production of export-oriented products.

Moving forward with confidence!

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With all my heart I congratulate you on your professional holiday - Mining and Metallurgy Workers Day!

It has become a good tradition on the eve of the professional holiday to sum up the work of our labour collective, which has already exceeded 38 thousand people.

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